Field Notes

Kimchi Stew

If you have yet to experience the magic that is gochujang, allow this recipe to be your guide. The slightly fermented red pepper paste adds dimension to the fiery, funky kimchi, while silken tofu and pork belly add richness. This dish is perfect for a cold day when you're craving something cozy but not overly heavy.  

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Roasted Banana Coconut Bread

There are, not exaggerating, probably millions of banana bread recipes out there. Everyone’s an expert when it comes to this popular quick bread. So what could we possibly have to add to this beleaguered conversation. In truth this banana bread is basic in its approach; our “secret,” if you can call it that, is simply in roasting the bananas with a little bit of chili flake before adding them to the batter. This helps to caramelize the sugars and deepen the flavor. The chili flakes don’t add much in the way of heat--they simply help bring out the sugars and contours of the banana.

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Chili Herb Shortbread

We love a make-ahead recipe that saves us time while still impressing our guests. Savory shortbread does both; it’s an elegant stand in for cheese and crackers but can be made ahead and frozen until your guests arrive.

This version combines the sweet flavor of sun-dried tomatoes with a bit of guajillo heat and richness by way of Parmigiano cheese.

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5 Last Minute Tips to Get You Through The Holidays

We’re entering into the fourth quarter of holiday planning, with Christmas and New Year’s Eve right around the corner. Here at Chili Lab, we’re looking forward to some time spent relaxing with our friends and loved ones, but before we get to that, there’s still plenty of cooking and wrapping to be done. So we’ve put together our crib sheet of resources to get you through the home stretch!

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Ginger Chile Pancakes

This time of year, that family of ingredients known as “baking spices” gets extra attention. Practically every holiday recipe is imbued with the rich notes of cinnamon, the deep sweetness of cloves, or the tangy zing of allspice. We’ve always felt like chilies should be part of this motley crew, adding an acidic note and subtle smokiness to our favorite cakes and cookies. These gingerbread pancakes make a great case for our cause. We used sweet paprika in ours, but a mild smoky chili, such as urfa biber, would work well here also.

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