Field Notes

Chili Butter Potato Cakes

Getting the Most Out of Your Mashed Potatoes

When it comes to Thanksgiving, we get just as excited about the leftovers as we do about the main meal. But reheated mashed potatoes lose some of their magic on day two, so we’ve taken to turning them into individual mini potato cakes. Flavored with our Grove Blend Chili Butter and some sharp cheese, these cakes make a great base for poached eggs in the morning, or as a side to a simply prepared steak.

The Chili Butter [link] imparts a gentle heat along with the bright flavors of coriander, cardamom and lemon. We like to use a sharp, salty cheese like pecorino; feta or goat cheese would also work well.

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The Ultimate Lamb Burger

Since it’s burger season, we’ve dedicated ourselves to the quest of making a better burger. Grilled or pan-fried? Diner or bistro-style? Beef, or something more alternative? We’re looking forward to the many taste tests it will require to answer these questions for ourselves.

But one recent experiment has already proved worth sharing: a lamb burger, ground with our Forager’s Blend chili butter and topped with lemony vegetables. The key to the success of this burger: foregoing the pre-ground packages of lamb. Purchasing whole cuts and then grinding them to order with a food processor or meat grinder attachment offers more control over the finished product.

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Master Class: Harissa

Forget fish sauce and kale; the ingredient of the moment that we’re most excited about is harissa. This red pepper condiment is ubiquitous on the tables of restaurants and homes alike in its native Tunisia, and nearby countries including Algeria, Libya and Morocco. But it has made serious inroads in the States as well, appearing with regularity on the menus of top restaurants including Bar Bolonat in New York City, Lucques in Los Angeles, Butcher & Bee in Charleston, and countless others.


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