Field Notes

Kimchi Stew

If you have yet to experience the magic that is gochujang, allow this recipe to be your guide. The slightly fermented red pepper paste adds dimension to the fiery, funky kimchi, while silken tofu and pork belly add richness. This dish is perfect for a cold day when you're craving something cozy but not overly heavy.  

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Hosting a Tamalada

In some households, tamales are totems of the holiday season. The corn-based steamed cakes studded with filling and wrapped in corn husks are labor intensive, so they’re best undertaken with a bit of help. Our suggestion: throw a tamale party. Enlist friends and family to come over for a drink or two and put them to work, assembly-line style.

We’re fans of preparing a few different fillings for variety’s sake. We’ve made tamales with everything from red chili-soaked carnitas to green chili chicken. For vegetarians, try a traditional rajas tamale made with cheese and poblanos.

And no tamale party is complete without an army of hot sauces and condiments to doctor the finished product. Grab a copy of our Hot Sauce Field Guide for recipe inspiration to adorn your tamale bar.

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Master Class: Mexican Hot Chocolate Pie

Earlier this week, we shared our recipe for Mexican Hot Chocolate [link], and in the process of testing and drinking a few glasses, we decided we loved the flavors so much that we’d apply them to a pie (it is the week before Thanksgiving, after all).

This recipe is built off of a chocolate pie recipe from an old community cookbook we found in Texas. We love it for its ease (it’s a dump-and-stir deal), and consistent results. We kicked it up with the addition of chilies, vanilla and cinnamon, and a cornmeal crust that adds texture while giving a nod to the importance of cornmeal in Mexican cooking.

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Introducing the Hot Sauce Cookbook

Being that we’re devoted to all things chilies, it should come as no surprise that we consider ourselves hot sauce aficionados. From basic to fermented, from harissa to nam prik, we’re big fans of basically any chili condiment you can throw at us. So we finally decided to gather all of our findings and favorites in one place.

That’s right: it’s time to meet The Chili Lab’s Hot Sauce Field Guide! This petite manual has everything you need to know about diving into making hot sauce at home, with carefully tested recipes that span the globe. It’s the perfect gift for the cooks in your life and (if you’re thinking way ahead) will make a killer stocking stuffer when the holidays roll around.

Don’t miss out; order your copy now!