Field Notes

Hot Sauce Field Guide: Mole

Last week, we told you about our Hot Sauce Field Guide, and this week we’re excited to share a little bit more of the magic. In creating this book, we tested dozens and dozens of chile condiments, from relishes and pastes to sauces and rubs. This recipe, an easy take on classic Oaxacan mole, emerged as one of our very favorites.

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Grilled Halloumi with Sweet Morita Sauce

Though it may not seem like it, the bones of this dish are based on the classic summer salad, caprese. Seared halloumi, a fresh sheep’s milk cheese, is subbed for mozzarella, zesty tomatillos replace tomatoes, and a sweet, spicy sauce of morita chilies brings the dish together.

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The Morita Chili Pepper

The size of a prune, this dried, smoky chili is the precocious little sibling to the chipotle. Moritas are made by letting red jalapeños ripen and dry on the vine. They’re then harvested and lightly smoked. The result is a chili with fruity acidity, a touch of smoke and a soft, thick flesh. Use it anywhere you’d use a chipotle; moritas offer a similar, but milder flavor.

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