Chili Salts

Our Chili Salts are nuanced seasonings that bring heat to your dish while highlighting the distinct flavors of your ingredients. Each salt is imbued with a different type of chili, with flavor notes on the packaging to help you seamlessly incorporate them into your favorite recipes. Use the salts as part of your cooking process, or sprinkle them over the finished dish for a kiss of heat and intensified flavor.


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Pequin Chili Salt

Pequin Chili Salt


The citrusy notes of pequin chilies shine through in this versatile seasoning, and make it ideal for raw and prepared fish, poultry, shellfish and eggs. We also love it in brines and add it to pickling liquids for beets, radishes, carrots and more.

Find more ideas for cooking with Chili Salts in our Field Notes.

Flavor Profile: citrus & light smoke

Heat Level: heavy

Batch #: 2001

TK ounces

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