Palram - Canopia Arizona 5000 Carport 1
Palram - Canopia Arizona 5000 Carport 2
Palram - Canopia Arizona 5000 Carport
Palram - Canopia Arizona 5000 Carport
Palram - Canopia Arizona 5000 Carport
Palram - Canopia Arizona 5000 Carport
Palram - Canopia Arizona 5000 Carport
Palram - Canopia Arizona 5000 Carport
Palram - Canopia Arizona 5000 Carport

Palram - Canopia Arizona 5000 Carport

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Palram - Canopia Arizona 5000 Carport

  • The Arizona carport redefines vehicle protection with its unique and elegant design. Whether you need to safeguard your car, RV, or boat, this innovative structure offers unparalleled durability and space-saving features.

    Key Features:

    Space-Efficient Wing Design: Departing from traditional carports, the Arizona boasts an ingenious wing design that maximizes space utilization. This innovative layout ensures you get the most out of your carport while maintaining an elegant profile.

    Easy Access with Two-Legged Profile: The two-legged profile provides effortless access to your vehicles, making parking and retrieval a breeze. No more maneuvering around obstructive support columns.

    Maintenance-Free Durability: Engineered for longevity, the frame and roofing system require no maintenance. Say goodbye to worries about rust, rot, or peeling. Your carport will look great and perform flawlessly for years to come.

    Impressive Load-Bearing Capacity: The Arizona carport is built to handle tough conditions. It can support snow loads of up to 15.4 lbs/sq. ft. and withstand wind speeds of up to 75 MPH, offering unrivaled peace of mind.

    Solar Gray Polycarbonate Roof Panels: The solar gray roof panels are constructed from virtually unbreakable corrugated polycarbonate. These panels block 100% of harmful UV rays while allowing 10% light transmission, creating a comfortable and well-lit environment beneath.

    Efficient Gutter System: The built-in gutter system ensures effective water diversion, preventing damage to your vehicles. It keeps rainwater away from the structure, maintaining its pristine condition.

    Additional Support for Extreme Conditions: For areas prone to severe winds or heavy snowfall, detachable support poles are available. These poles provide extra reinforcement and stability, ensuring your carport can handle Mother Nature's worst.

    Local Regulations and Permits: Before ordering, please check your local building and zoning codes and guidelines. Ensure you obtain any necessary permits for installation. Concrete footings are required for proper setup.

    Elevate your vehicle protection with the Arizona Carport. Its space-saving design, easy access, and exceptional durability make it a standout choice for safeguarding your valued possessions. Enjoy the benefits of innovation and elegance – order your Arizona Carport today!

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