The Chili Lab produces content and products which showcase the diverse flavors of chili peppers from around the world. Through many years of playing with chili peppers, we’ve realized that like wine or coffee beans, these peppers are incredibly diverse and nuanced in their flavors. Dried guajillo chilies from Mexico, for instance, are deep and earthy; the piri piri chili from Africa is more herbal and marked with citrus.

The Chili Lab creates content and products which explore these varied flavors. Of course we love that chili bite, but we’re more interested in how these great peppers can easily invigorate cooking at home.

Visit our Field Notes for chili information, recipes, and new products and recipes being worked on in our Lab. And you can find our growing line of products in our Shop. This is an ongoing process of experimentation and discovery and we welcome feedback, suggestions, etc. 

It’s time to go beyond heat.