Napoleon Havelock Direct Vent Gas Stove 1
Napoleon Havelock Direct Vent Gas Stove

Napoleon Havelock Direct Vent Gas Stove

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Napoleon Havelock Direct Vent Gas Stove

  • Experience an array of benefits with the Napoleon Havelock™ Gas Stove, where advanced technology meets exceptional comfort. This gas stove boasts a wealth of features that include a built-in blower, an extra-large heat exchanger, easily accessible controls, solid body construction, and a cutting-edge triple burner system, ensuring unmatched heating efficiency.

    With its environmentally conscious, clean-burning design, the Havelock™ gas stove is not only a source of warmth but a long-lasting investment that adds substantial value to your living space.

    Key Features for Supreme Comfort

    • Powerful Heat Output: With up to 44,000 BTU's of heating capacity, the Havelock™ gas stove provides exceptional warmth.

    • Heat Radiating Ceramic Glass: Experience the beauty of dancing flames through heat radiating ceramic glass, enhancing the visual appeal.

    • Lifetime Warranty: Enjoy peace of mind with the Presidents Limited Lifetime Warranty, ensuring enduring quality.

    • Advanced Triple-Burner System: Benefit from a state-of-the-art triple-burner system that optimizes heating efficiency.

    • Adaptable Flame/Heat Adjustment: Tailor the ambiance to your preferences with adjustable flame and heat settings.

    • Safety Screen Included: Ensure safety without compromising the view, as the gas stove comes with a built-in safety screen.

    • Reliable Back-Up Control: Even in unforeseen circumstances, the back-up control system guarantees continuous performance.

    Elevate Your Space, Elevate Your Lifestyle

    The Napoleon Havelock Direct Vent Gas Stove transcends mere functionality, offering an impressive combination of advanced technology and unparalleled comfort. As you bask in the gentle warmth and captivating visual display of flames, you're also embracing a solution that resonates with both environmental consciousness and long-term value. The Havelock™ gas stove's commitment to efficiency, reliability, and aesthetics makes it an exceptional addition to your home, enveloping you in a world of comfort and luxury.

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