Palram - Canopia EcoGrow Greenhouse 1
Palram - Canopia EcoGrow Greenhouse 2
Palram - Canopia EcoGrow Greenhouse 3
Palram - Canopia EcoGrow Greenhouse 4
Palram - Canopia EcoGrow Greenhouse
Palram - Canopia EcoGrow Greenhouse
Palram - Canopia EcoGrow Greenhouse
Palram - Canopia EcoGrow Greenhouse
Palram - Canopia EcoGrow Greenhouse
Palram - Canopia EcoGrow Greenhouse

Palram - Canopia EcoGrow Greenhouse

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Palram - Canopia EcoGrow Greenhouse

  • Discover Affordable Greenhouse Gardening with the EcoGrow 2 Greenhouse

    If you're a first-time greenhouse enthusiast, the EcoGrow 2 greenhouse is your ideal choice. It brings together the best features and design elements of larger models in a more compact, budget-friendly size. Crafted with precision, this greenhouse offers superior strength, safety, light diffusion, and exceptional heat insulation.

    Robust Twin-Wall Polycarbonate Construction

    Experience the EcoGrow 2's durability, thanks to its 4mm twin-wall polycarbonate roof panels and 6mm twin-wall side panels. These advanced materials ensure your greenhouse remains sturdy and provides excellent UV protection for your plants, all while offering optimal light diffusion and heat insulation.

    Simplified Assembly

    The EcoGrow 2 features a weatherproof resin frame that's not only durable but also remarkably easy to assemble. Our innovative pin & lock system simplifies setup, eliminating the need for special tools. The translucent roof panels slide effortlessly into place, ensuring a hassle-free assembly process.

    Smart Design for Gardening Comfort

    The barn shape design of the EcoGrow 2 offers ample headroom for comfortable gardening. The hinged door, complete with a secure latch, ensures easy access, while the included roof vent promotes excellent ventilation. Your gardening environment remains comfortable, no matter the weather outside.

    Optional Base Kit for Extra Stability

    For added height and stability, you have the option to include a base kit, securing your EcoGrow 2 greenhouse to a concrete pad or heavy timber foundation.

    Key Features:

    • Sturdy and weatherproof resin frame built to withstand the elements.

    • Effortless pin & lock connector assembly – no special tools required.

    • 4mm UV-protected twin-wall polycarbonate roof panels for even light distribution and plant health.

    • 6mm twin-wall polycarbonate side walls for enhanced durability, 100% UV protection, and resistance to impact.

    • Barn shape design offers generous headroom for enjoyable gardening.

    • Hinged door with a latch for easy entry and exit.

    • Included roof vent ensures proper ventilation.

    • Optional base kit available for added height and stability.

    Elevate your gardening experience affordably with the EcoGrow 2 Greenhouse. Create the perfect haven for your plants, ensuring their growth, protection, and your peace of mind.

    Assembly Instructions

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